Real Petal Confetti

Home grown, hand picked and created in Cornwall, England

 The petals are all natural colours from hydrangeas, roses and cornflowers, producing unique and varied hues. The little packets are all handmade and designed to fit neatly into a clutch bag or hand bag, a pocket or even a sporran! No more clumsy boxes that don’t fit, or collapse and leave a mess. Each packet is cut from a high quality vellum paper and hand stamped with two distinct designs – containing enough to throw and some to share.

Small white paper sachets with clear circular view windows decorated with a selection of stickers - 'throw love around' 'happy moments' 'love is in the air' 'happy ever afters' and our logo 'Cornish gardens confetti company'. Filled with approximately one small handful of petal confetti.

A beautiful high quality luxury product, add a romantic finishing touch to your special wedding day.

Confetti Packages

Option 1 - £1.50 per sachet

Small white paper sachet with clear circular view window, filled with approximately one small handful of petal confetti

Option 2 - £3.00 per packet

Hand stamped high quality vellum paper packet, filled with approximately two small handfuls of petal confetti

Option 3 - £13.50 per litre

A Litre of petals, approximately twenty small handfuls of petal confetti

*All prices exclude postage and packaging

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